Planned Grazing

planned_grazingPhyllis and I have been grazing for about 14 years now. This summer, I learned that I still have a lot to learn!  I am totally O.K. with this and have decided that Phyllis and I need to invest more time into the management of the farm resources. When I say resources I mean weeds, trees, grass, land, air, water, cattle, bugs, birds, cattle, time energy, other wild life and people!

In our defense we have spent the last seven years just at a dead run, trying to start the farm without going broke!  We now feel like we can move to a more sane and centered, holistic approach to the farm and to our lives. We are using the techniques pioneered and taught by Allan Savory, “Holistic Resource Management”.


The research we are doing regarding this approach has been fun and very challenging intellectually. We are making progress and have seen amazing things happening here at the farm.  For example, this year we had grass growing in a way that can only be described as “explosive”.  The improvement in the water cycle, the nutrient cycle due to our better management caused a huge improvement in our grass, the cattle and our bottom line. We grazed deeper into the season that any year in the last six.  We still have grass, but have decided to start feeding to keep good cover on the soil and get a good “jump” in the spring grass.

We are very excited about the financial implications of the Holistic Resource Model, and the things we are learning. I already see how “flying by the seat of my pants” was not the best way to go at all times.  We have now committed to the time to measure and evaluate all the different aspects of the farm to see how we are meeting our goals and to make adjustments.

These changes promise to improve our farm from all aspects, and we would love to share more about it as we go forward. Thanks for reading, talk soon

-  P & P