Savory Institute.Org announces the Hub Candidates for 2014.

The Savory Institute.Org announces ten new 2014 Hub Candidates representing the countries of the US, Mexico, Ethiopia and Kenya.

BOULDER, CO., April 25, 2014, Savory Institute.Org, Inc, an International US based non-profit, today announced that it has nominated its next ten Hub Candidates for 2014. Hub Candidates will finalize the accreditation process before the end of 2014. An accredited Hub is required to identify and manage a demonstration site, finalize business plans, secure financing, and work with Savory Institute accredited professionals to provide Holistic Management education, training and consulting services in the region.

The 2014 Hub candidates will become members of a prestigious group that was introduced in 2013. There are now twenty organizations representing 11 countries, providing education and implementation support to land managers, on regenerative management practices.

“It is exciting to have chosen such an incredible group of organizations and individuals interested in building local capacity and reversing the devastating impact of land degradation.” said Daniela Howell, CEO of Savory Institute.Org, Inc. “Each new organization represents the opportunity to positively influence thousands of people and millions of hectares of land.”

Tarquin Wood, Director of The Enonkishu Conservancy says, “It is an honor and incredible opportunity to partner with the Savory Institute in creating a local resource for the enhancement of land and people’s lives in the Mara region of Kenya. We are excited to be a member of this prominent network of organizations committed to large-scale global impact.”

Each 2014 Hub Candidate will be revealed over the next several weeks as we profile their stories, regions and vision for their land and communities. Savory Institute.Org is partnering with local organizations in creating a global network of 100 SI affiliated hubs by 2025.

About Savory Institute.Org, Inc.

Savory Institute.Org, Inc. promotes large-scale restoration of the world’s grasslands through holistic management using properly managed livestock. Additional news and information about the company is available at

Savory Institute New York Hub, Sharon Springs, New York

Providing HRM training to the Northeastern United States, and offering information network for a regenerative planet worldwide

Dharma Lea, LLC is pleased to announce the nomination of their plan to establish a Savory hub here in New York, with an educational demonstration site at their farm, as one of ten applicants chosen to begin work in 2015.

Beginning with the relationships, lands, and opportunities maintained and created by dharma Lea, LLC to date, we will utilize the framework of the Savory Institute to bring Holistic Resource Management (HRM) principles to larger and larger groups of people.

The Hub will serve to bring HRM to the region’s farmers, landowners and managers, State lands, and municipalities.

The Hub will encourage civic awareness of HRM to its large Northeast USA population, including the greater New York City, Boston and Buffalo areas so that the goals and basic principles of Holistic land stewardship become “common knowledge”.

New York is the third largest dairy state in the country (USA). The Savory Institute New York Hub will be within a “day trip” of thousands of farms.   Our farm, dharma Lea, LLC will be the future demonstration site. It is very typical of the type and size of farms that dominate the landscape of this region.

The majority of dairy farms in the Northeast USA are milking less than 200 cows due the land base, climate, and nature of land ownership. These farms are increasingly under financial pressure, and many of them are not able (nor willing) to “grow to profitability” by becoming large, industrial, confinement operations that are based on the expansion of debt. Farmers and their land base will be well served by a Hub focusing on answers to their challenges.

While we see the immediate need being most urgent, and most welcomed in the typical 200-cow and smaller dairies, and direct-market fruit, vegetable, and beef farmers. We also see that as the financial imperative arises and successful models are more available, larger farms will be open to opportunities and Hub interaction. In General, the landscape, high land prices and taxes of this area have resulted in the division of property into relatively small parcels as compared to many other parts of the world. Therefore, we realize that this Hub must impact a very large number of people in order to affect management of the targeted acreage.

The farmers in our region are dairy foremost, vegetable, beef, sheep, crop, and orchard. They are all searching for better models. The current available continuing education opportunities such as those offered by Cornell Cooperative Extension are very well attended, and some good work is being done. Small strides are being made when the resources and working models are present. However, real models and farmer-teachers are lacking for this movement to gain traction. This is the primary strength of dharma Lea. It is a working, profitable dairy farm meeting its goals. We believe in the power of “show-me, don’t tell me” type teaching. There is plenty of “tell-me” type information available, and it is falling flat.

Farmers come to our farm and see methods that make sense, and make profit, and they are willing to learn and consider change. Many farmers are in search of this information. The information must be presented in a way that makes implementation possible. We are farmers and we understand the practical aspects of farming. We present concepts in ways farmers can understand and utilize.

We are hopeful that a portion of this project will be supported by our community, and for the betterment of our community.

Yours for the future,

Paul and Phyllis Van Amburgh